Sorry, Is German-Only

But don't be fooled. Frank speaks English proficiently.


This is the website of the Frankfurt-based German Attorney-At-Law Frank Stiegler.

Frank Stiegler has been working as a German Attorney-At-Law since 2006, not only with high focus on practicability and long-term experience in IT, but also with perennial marketing and sales experience with agencies. He has worked for entrepreneurs with online stores as well as small software companies and international corporations. Today he mainly deals with the elaboration of contracts and processes in New and Online Media, as well as Data Protection.

Aside of his Attorney job, Frank was a private teacher at the Macromedia Hochschule für Medien und Kommunikation in Cologne, and is an educated NLP Practitioner (DVNLP). Since 1997, he has been active in the Demoscene as a computer musician, he hosted the Awards for six years, and helps organizing Demoscene events. His audience in all sorts of events appreciates his direct, structured and pictorial style.


As almost all of Frank's clients speak German, it just made little sense to maintain an English website.

But please, feel free to call, write an e-mail or use the (German) Contact form.
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Frank Stiegler
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